Interested in starting your journey?

The recruitment chairman of our chapter is in charge of making sure that all prospective new members can feel at home within our brotherhood and could see themselves grow as students, friends, and as men through our organisation. 

Every current member of our brotherhood understands the hesitation that you, as an unfamiliar student to greek life, might feel towards joining our fraternity. Each and every one of us has had this moment in time where we questioned ourselves concerning the pros and cons of going through the recruitment process to eventually become a member. However, our entire fraternity can assure you that we would do it all over again and could never imagine being in college without the company and support of Phi Delt men. We are looking forward to meeting you and getting you started on what will undoubtedly be the best decision you'll make during your years at McGill University.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions/concerns, please do reach out to us through our Facebook page , Instagram account, or via Contact Us.

You may also email us at

We became the premier men's leadership society on campus by forging, through the years, some of the most successful McGill alumni in history. By learning from them, our current members gain valuable knowledge as well as the ultimate upper hand on the labour market.

*STATEMENT ON COVID-19*: Given the extraordinary circumstances, our Rush events will be adapted to guarantee the safety of our brothers and prospective new members. All events will be done in concordance with municipal, provincial, and federal laws and regulations. Furthermore, as we understand that not all students will be on the McGill campus in the fall, prospective new members will outstandingly be allowed to rush the Quebec Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta virtually. For those of you who will be in Montreal, in-person events will be held if government regulations allow us to do so.