Our Alumni

Since 1902, many great brothers have graced the Quebec Alpha chapter, as well as Phi Delta Theta as a whole, with their leadership and acumen.

Who are they?

Amongst our alumni are business and finance moguls, politicians, sports legends, and international pioneers. Being part of the Phi Delta Theta family means walking in their footsteps, living up to their standards, as well as benefiting from our extensive network of 178,000 brothers worldwide. Through our annual conferences held at our General Head Quarters in Oxford Ohio, brothers from around the globe converge to bond and network, giving our members an unparalleled opportunity to grow professionally.

Our McGill chapter is also responsible for coordinating and organising events with our fellow Quebec Alpha brothers through the hard work and dedication of our Alumni Secretary and Alumni representatives. Joining the brotherhood leads to life-long bonds that we work to cultivate on a regular basis for all our members, through initiatives such as the Alumni Mentorship program where current brothers are matched with alumni currently working in the member's field of study.


If you are an alumnus of our brotherhood and are looking to implicate yourself further in our chapter's activities and events, please do reach out by emailing us directly at phideltmcgill@gmail.com. As an alumnus, you are also welcome to connect through the Alumni Portal for more PSAs surrounding our fraternity.

In Memoriam

Since 1902, many notable Quebec Alpha alumni have come and gone. We acknowledge their devotion to our brotherhood by pursuing the values and traditions they held dear throughout their lifetimes. Amongst them all, we particularly remember our brothers who fell in combat fighting for our freedoms, King and country throughout the World Wars, as well as brother George E. Housser (McGill 1906), President of the General Council of our international fraternity from 1950–52.

Brother George E. Housser, McGill 1906.

Phi Delta Theta brothers before the great war