About Us

Since 1902, the Quebec Alpha of Phi Delta Theta stands out as the premier Men's Leadership Society at McGill University.

Our History

Phi Delta Theta is one of the most storied fraternities at McGill University. Founded in 1902, the Quebec Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta is the first Canadian chapter of the international fraternity. Along with members of the Ontario Alpha, enlisted Quebec Alpha brothers were the first Phi Delts to fight through the Great War (1914-1918), before seeing more brothers leave to serve once again, barely two decades later. Through the many years, our organisation owned and operated several quarters around Montreal. However, in 2003, catastrophe struck. Our house on University street, across from the Milton Gates, burnt down overnight. 


This unfortunate event brought our brotherhood to an unpredictable stalemate, leading our fraternity to fall dormant on campus in 2006.

Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ McGill (Quebec Alpha) fire
Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ McGill, Quebec Alpha

To many, this seemed to be the end of our fraternity's rich history. However, little did they know that it was nothing more than the start of a new chapter. Through the bond of our alumni, the collaboration of our General Head Quarters, and the hard work of our re-founding fathers, the Quebec Alpha colony at McGill University was re-installed in April 2018. On the 23rd of November 2019, The Quebec Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta was officially re-inaugurated at McGill.


Throughout the centuries, many Phi Delts became great men and contributed to the greatness of our brotherhood. Join us to write your own page in our fraternity's legendary history.